Sunny and Warm Today, Big Changes Ahead

This is it… Today is the day! The warmest, least windy day we’re going to have for quite some time. If you’re hoping to get in a round of golf, need to get some yard work taken care of, or simply want to sit on the porch and enjoy the sunshine, you might want to knock off work a little early today and make up for it on Thursday and Friday. You won’t want to be doing stuff outside on Thursday and Friday anyhow.

Today will be sunny with high temps ranging from the upper 60s in Sioux Falls to the mid 70s across central and western South Dakota. Wind will be fairly light from the northwest at only 5 to 15 mph.

A cold front will blast across the Dakotas late tonight and tomorrow, bringing strong wind gusts, much colder temperatures and even a little snow. The wind will kick in first thing tomorrow with gusts to 40 mph in Sioux Falls, 50 to 55 mph across central and western South Dakota. High temps will reach the low to mid 50s by about noon tomorrow with temperatures dropping into the low 40s by late tomorrow afternoon.

Light snow will develop Thursday night and continuing to Friday. Will get one-half inch or less in Sioux Falls. Parts of northeastern South Dakota and southwestern Minnesota along the Buffalo Ridge could get 1 to 2 inches of accumulation. The snow won’t be a big deal on its own, but the wind will create blowing snow late Thursday night into Friday. There could be a few issues with travel. Stay tuned for updates.

The weekend will be dry and cool with morning low temps in the lower 20s and highs in the low 40s Saturday, warming to around 50 degrees on Sunday afternoon.