Tuesday, April 09, 2024 shawncable

Severe weather season is here, and with this being severe weather awareness week you are likely going to get blasted with lots of information regarding severe weather preparedness and safety. While every bit of that information is important, severe weather safety is really quite simple and comes down to this: Be prepared and know what to do and where to go when severe storms strike. 

That’s it. If you do that, there’s a pretty darn good chance you’ll be fine. Even in the rare event that a tornado hits your place. 

Now the part where I tell you how to be prepared. And the key here is to do the prep work now. When the sky is dark and the tornado siren is blaring, it is not the time to Google where to go when there’s a tornado. At that point it’s too late. This is what you need to do:

  1. Check the weather daily, especially in the morning. If severe weather is a possibility, check the weather more often throughout the day. Make sure your kids and family are aware that severe wea...
Wednesday, December 13, 2023 shawncable

The Geminid meteor shower, one of the most spectacular annual meteor showers, is going to be at its peak over the next several days, and Meteorologist Shawn Cable says that weather conditions will be perfect for viewing. Here are some tips for a great experience:

Find a Dark Location: Light pollution greatly diminishes the visibility of meteors. Choose a spot far away from city lights, ideally in a rural or wilderness area. The darker the sky, the more meteors you’ll be able to see.

Know When to Watch: The Geminid meteor shower typically peaks around mid-December. This year, the peak will be December 13 and 14; however, Geminids will be active through December 24. The shower is usually most active after midnight and before about 4am.

Look Toward the Northeast: Geminids appear to radiate from a point near the bright star Castor in the constellation Gemini, which is located in the northeastern part of the sky (here in the Northern Hemisphere) during the time of the shower’s ...