Sunny Today, More Rain on the Way

Today is going to be a really nice fall day. There will be plenty of sunshine with afternoon temps in the low 60s and a light northwesterly breeze.

I wish I had better news for farmers that are struggling to get the combine in the field. More rain is in the forecast for tonight, tomorrow and Friday. Unfortunately, it looks like a lot of that rain will fall across the same places that had the heavy rain earlier this week. While I don’t think there’ll be quite as much rain this time around, we’re still looking at one-half inch to an inch of rain in Sioux Falls with heavier amounts south and east of the Sioux Falls area. Parts of Iowa and Minnesota could easily get an inch or two of rain through Friday night. Stay with us for updates. We’ll get more specific with rain amounts later today and tomorrow morning.

The rain will end by Saturday morning and that will lead us into a really nice weekend. Saturday and Sunday will be mostly sunny with highs in the low 70s Saturday, mid to upper 60s on Sunday.

I do have some good news for farmers. After the rain ends on Friday, we should stay dry for a while. Our long-range models keep us mostly dry through next week and beyond. Hopefully that will give you some time to dry out and get harvest rolling.