Sunny and Mild Today… A Nice Labor Day Weekend

It’s hard to believe that Labor Day weekend is almost here! Other than clouds and scattered rain Friday night into Saturday morning, the weekend forecast is looking great for the State Fair or anything else you might have going on outdoors.

Today will be sunny and a bit breezy with high temps in the upper 70s. It won’t be as windy as it was Tuesday, but northwesterly wind gusts of 15 to 25 mph are likely throughout the day.

A couple of relatively weak waves of energy will move across our region tomorrow into Saturday and that’s our only hiccup in the holiday weekend forecast. Friday will start with sunshine, but clouds will gradually increase throughout the afternoon. Scattered showers will develop across central South Dakota by mid to late afternoon Friday and move east to Sioux Falls by Friday evening. Scattered rain is likely Friday night with clouds and showers gradually exiting from west to east on Saturday morning.

While there could be a couple of isolated thundershowers, I do not expect severe weather. Rainfall amounts of one-quarter to one-half inch are possible with the heaviest rain falling along and south of the South Dakota/Nebraska state line.

We will see some sunshine on Saturday afternoon but high temps will only reach the low 70s. We’ll do our best to make up for that on Sunday and Monday with plenty of sunshine and highs in the upper 70s to low 80s.


Sioux Falls Area Forecast

Updated by Meteorologist Shawn Cable on Thursday, August 29 at 3:55 AM


Sunny and breezy. High: 79°. Wind: North 10 to 20 mph with an occasional gust to 25 mph.

Clear. Low: 51°. Wind: North at 5 mph.

Sunny in the morning with clouds increasing during the afternoon. High: 72°. Wind: East 5 to 10 mph. Scattered showers are likely on Friday night.