A Sunny, Hot Summertime Weekend

Grab your shorts, sunblock, shades and find some water. Whether it’s a lake, a pool, the sprinkler in your backyard or even one of those squirt gun fans, you are gonna need it this weekend. It is going to be sunny, hot and humid all weekend long.

Today will be sunny with high temps ranging from around 90 in Sioux Falls to the upper 90s along the James River to the low 100s across central and western South Dakota. Tomorrow will be even warmer with highs in the mid 90s in Sioux Falls and Aberdeen while central and western South Dakota soar to between 100 and 105 degrees. It will be humid east of the James River, so while the actual high might be in the 90s, the heat index will be pushing 100 degrees or better.

The heat will stick around through the weekend and into early next week. We will finally get some relief in the form of scattered showers and thunderstorms on Monday night, Tuesday and Wednesday. High temperatures will drop into the 80s by Wednesday and Thursday.

The latest Drought Monitor was released yesterday and the results are what you might expect. The drought continues to expand with more than 72 percent of South Dakota is in some form of drought. Much of central and northern South Dakota are in either severe or extreme drought. Iowa and Minnesota are in good shape, although parts of northwestern Iowa are starting to get dry.

I’ll be closely watching the potential for rain next week. In the meantime, enjoy the sunny, hot weekend.


Sunny, warmer and more humid. High: 89°. Wind: Southeast 5-15 mph.

Clear. Low: 68°. Wind: south 5-10 mph.

Sunny, hot and humid. High: 95°. Wind: West 5-15 mph.

Sunny, warm and humid. High: 90°. Wind: East 5-15 mph.