A Dry, Warmer Week Ahead

The week ahead is going to be dry and considerably warmer. Afternoon high temps will reach the 40s in most places almost every day this week with some places climbing into the 50s by the weekend.

Today will be partly to mostly cloudy with high temps ranging from the low 40s along and south of I-90 to the mid to upper 30s across Central and Northern South Dakota. Temperatures will be a bit cooler where there is still a considerable amount of snow on the ground.

A weak system will slide across the region late tonight into tomorrow morning bringing scattered light snow showers to parts of Central and Northern South Dakota. Clouds associated with this system will hang around for most of the day tomorrow, but temperatures will be fairly similar to today.

The rest of the week will be sunny with gradually warming temperatures. High temps will reach the mid 40s on Wednesday and gradually climb into the low 50s by Friday. Once again, places with snow on the ground will remain slightly cooler. Obviously that trend will change when the snow melts.

The upcoming weekend will be mostly cloudy with scattered showers, but it will also be mild. High temps will reach the low to mid 50s on Saturday and Sunday. While I think the precipitation this weekend will come mostly in the form of rain, there could be some snow in places where morning temperatures drop into the low 30s.